Anon Whistleblower Disclosure Service – making workplaces legally compliant and safe

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We proudly recently launched Anon, the newest whistleblower disclosure offering on the market.

Anon, is a transformative platform backed by Lacey & Co’s all-female, cross-disciplinary team of lawyers, researchers and strategists, focusing on making Australian workplaces safe, through preventative legal advice and specialised learning and development. Anon not only offers businesses a critical compliance tool but encourages employers to embed a ‘cycle of prevention’ alongside the platform, putting employee well-being at the heart of the implementation.

Our team is led by human rights and workplace law expert Elizabeth Lacey and includes communications specialist Janelle Ryan, research expert Morgan Forster and recent Monash Law Graduate Eve Phyland.

“We want to challenge organisations to really imagine what a safe workplace looks and feels like and the productivity and excellence that can flow when safety is what your organisation values and creates. 

“We imagine workplaces and teams where people feel truly safe, where they can say ‘something’s wrong’ and know that will be listened to and acted upon well before it becomes irreparable. Where employees know their views and experiences will be listened to and valued no matter what their backgrounds or role. We want organisations to understand the benefit that flows from creating a workplace like that. We also believe we’ve created an organisation that does just that, and we know what that gives us the psychological space and creative freedom to achieve.

“We want to see CEOs and boards just as aware of and savvy about the human, reputational and fiscal risks of failing to address sexual misconduct, discrimination or bullying as they are about a back injury or the loss of a limb,” says Elizabeth.

The honed professional skills of the team are backed by lived experience, which Janelle sees as an important asset for socially transformative businesses.

“The most transformative business ideas are born from lived experience and these ideas solve problems that are experienced by real humans. We know firsthand what it’s like to report an act of misconduct and the ripple effect this can have on someone’s ability to function at work.

“We understand how this affects productivity and that there’s a level of empathy required by good leaders to recognise this and create a workplace that makes people feel valued and safe,” says Janelle.

We worked with award-winning creative agency Your Creative to build Anon, maximising the agency’s specialist skills on co-designing and developing solutions for vulnerable user groups including refugee communities, the elderly and multi-linguistic family groups. 

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