Useful, effective learning & development that supports safety

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Today we’re covering the next step in our ‘Cycle of Prevention’ – Useful, effective learning & development that supports safety.

The end of the year is fast approaching and while you’re considering which family members should be sat apart at the Christmas dinner table – which electronic device you’re going to last-minute buy in bulk to please teenagers who would rather talk to virtual strangers than anyone in their actual home and when you’re going to find the time to buy mum another bottle of that perfume you already got her for Mother’s Day, her birthday and last Christmas (because you’re creative like that) – we’re reminding you that January 1 is looming, which means new whistleblower legislation will be in effect. 

We’ve highlighted the whistleblower protections legislation many times now, but we know workplace items get left off the ’to do’ list at this time of year, as your personal ’to do’ list increases, but this one really can’t as your organisation risks potentially debilitating fines for failing to comply. One very important ’to do’ as part of these new protections, is to provide specialised learning and development within your workplace for all employees. We provide face-to-face training, bespoke to your organisation and on a range of topics essential to ensuring your organisation’s obligations.  Our engaging and effective learning and development programs include: 

  • Appropriate Workplace Conduct;
  • How to lead productively throughout the life cycle of an employee;
  • Whistleblower policies and procedures;
  • Family violence in the workplace; and
  • Professional development programs for leaders.

 Our training is interactive, practical, engaging and entertaining. So, how about this year, instead of blowing the budget on a yacht cruise on the Yarra, coupled with full circus act and middle shelf bar tab, maybe you could forgo the trapeze act and spend some of the budget on learning and development for your team, and ensure that in 2020 your employees can return to work feeling safe.