Legal and Strategic Services

COVID-19 Support and Response

Lacey & Co has been and continues to work to help our clients and our community find a way through the impacts of COVID-19. We’re constantly considering what new legal risks and landscapes COVID-19 presents and how to navigate those for your workplaces and your people.

So to help you navigate the hot issues for your organisations in terms of legal risks, Lacey & Co has produced and made available the following support services for you: 

  • A raft of resources that will help guide your organisation on your legal obligations for employees working from home (WFH);
  • Webinars and online courses to help you and your people to establish expectations and communications within your teams and organisations: those WFH and your essential workers, so that your people can be as productive as possible. Our innovative, practical and engaging courses will provide your people with workplace leadership and safety skills, that they can apply during this pandemic, helping you to come out the other side staffed with people who previously managed and now have the capacity and desire to lead your organisation through every “new normal” your organisation has to respond to;
  • A webinar on the significantly increased risks of family violence and abuse for your employees who are WFH during restrictions, the increased obligations for employers that go with these really serious issues and how to act to ensure safety;
  • Resources and guides on increased mental health risks for your employers that will enable your organisation to respond appropriately, humanely and in accordance with your obligations;
  • Hygiene Policies and Procedures and a Reckless Conduct Guide to best support your essential workers when the risks for them, and for you as their employer, are so high; and
  • Legal advice and strategy to complement what you need, including that we can work with your accounting and finance experts to assist you with all things JobKeeper.
*For more information download our Lacey & Co.  COVID-19 Response Brochure.

Legal Advice and Strategy

We provide solution focused, practical legal advice on workplace law, including discrimination, sexual harassment and bullying.

We provide solution focused, practical legal advice on workplace law, including discrimination, sexual harassment, bullying and victimisation that takes into account the issues you have, the context of those issues and the end you need to achieve.

We are focused on delivering positive, pragmatic outcomes because we know that exceptional workplaces need more than just legal advice about what the law says: you need strategy and cross-disciplinary support to ensure that workplace conflict doesn’t start a war and that your time and energy aren’t channelled into reacting to legal issues rather than ensuring prevention and growth.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Support through the life cycle of employees and other workers;
  • Recruitment obligations;
  • Termination of employment;
  • Employment contracts;
  • Policies and procedures;
  • Industrial matters;
  • Innapropriate workplace conduct – including all aspects of misconduct, discrimination, bullying, harrasment, sexual harassment and victimisation;
  • Workplace investigations;
  • Mediations; and 
  • Dispute resolution.

* For more information download our Lacey & Co.  Legal Advice & Strategy Brochure.

Investigations, Inquiries and Audits

Inappropriate conduct like bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination will invariably impact your team and your workplace.

Where it is alleged, inappropriate conduct like bullying, sexual harassment, discrimination and victimisation will invariably impact your team, your workplace generally, and may undermine the positive obligation you have to ensure the safety of your workforce. 

Unchecked, inappropriate conduct at work results in human, fiscal and reputational costs and damage to your organisation.

The team at Lacey & Co has conducted procedurally fair, independent inquiries, audits and investigations into a wide range of sensitive issues for public and private organisations. We are familiar with public and private sector research, disciplinary and appropriate workplace conduct policies and procedures.

The investigation reports we produce are independent, our findings determined according to the Briginshaw standard of proof.  Our recommendations, where required, are practical, systemic and clear. 

* For more information download our Lacey & Co. Investigations & Audits Brochure.

Learning and Development

Lacey & Co provides learning and development opportunities on a face-to-face basis and on a broad range of topics.

Our engaging and effective learning and development programs include:

  • Appropriate Workplace Conduct;
  • How to lead in a productive manner throughout the life cycle of an employee;
  • Whistleblower policies and procedures;
  • Family violence in the workplace;
  • How to internally communicate to your staff to ensure retention of policies and procedures; and
  • Professional development programs for leaders.
  • Our training is interactive, practical, engaging and entertaining.

* For more information download our Lacey & Co. Learning and Development Brochure.

Mediations and Negotiations

Lacey & Co provides informal negotiations, mediations, conciliations and alternative dispute resolution processes to resolve workplace and other disputes.

Lacey & Co’s team has had remarkable success over many years and disciplines in using informal negotiations, mediations, conciliations and alternative dispute resolution processes to resolve workplace and other disputes.

Having held judicial and formal conciliation roles, our experience brings us a wealth of understanding about the need to focus on outcomes rather than positions.

NDIS Certification Support

We offer NDIS providers a comprehensive NDIS Audit compliance framework and suite of documents; taking the stress out of the Audit process and bringing confidence to your organisation. Our frameworks meet NDIS practice standards and are tailored to set your organisation up for success in Stage 1 and 2 of the Audit.

Our packages include documents that:

  • Meet NDIS governance expectations for your organisation;
  • Clearly show how your organisation complies with the modules relevant to the NDIS Practice Standards you need to meet;
  • Provide all of the policies, procedures, systems and checklists you need to be compliant for Stage 1;
  • Set you and your employees up for success in Stage 2; and
  • Centre the rights and needs of Participants, to ensure that Participants’ human rights and needs are met and respected.

The unique cross-disciplinary team at Lacey & Co., inclusive of allied health provider collaboration; ensures all of our packages have been produced and assessed by legal and allied health experienced professionals.

All of our packages include access to an experienced and expert member of our team to assist you through your Audit.

*For more information download our Lacey & Co. | NDIS Brochure.

We love what we do

We love what we do because we imagine workplaces and teams where people feel absolutely safe, and we delight in the productivity and excellence that flows from that. We want that for you and your teams, every bit as much as we insist on it here at Lacey & Co.

We assist employers to get fundamental structures and systems right, so that you engage the right people, with the right skills, who contribute technically to the right culture: then you can all focus on the task at hand. 

And if things go wrong, our experienced legal and strategic team is here to help you find solutions that meet your obligations in sustainable, effective ways.

We subscribe to the ‘prevention is better than the cure theory’, and our learning and development is centred around the Lacey & Co ‘Cycle of Prevention’.

Our clients are:

Employers: medical research institutes, hospitals, manufacturers, industry, universities, schools, agriculture, hospitality, NDIS providers, and health providers.

Complainants and whistleblowers: in matters relating to sexual assault and harassment, scientific research integrity, corrupt conduct, fraud, bullying and discrimination.